my pal foot footの例文


  1. "They have to listen to'My Pal Foot Foot, "'she said.
  2. The sh / w Ttilizes four songs from the album, which boasts such titles as " My Pal Foot Foot,"
  3. One woman showed up wearing a T-shirt printed with a drawing of Foot Foot, the cat they sing about in " My Pal Foot Foot ."
  4. The album includes a rerecording of the song " My Pal Foot Foot " from the band's first album, " Philosophy of the World ", which is in a decidedly more commercial arrangement.
  5. "Just because something like'My Pal Foot Foot'will be tattooed on your brain after listening, doesn't make it WORTH listening to, " said one Internet reviewer . " I like the idea of keeping it around as a stocking stuffer, but it will bring on the worst hangover you've ever had within 30 seconds, irregardless if you've been drinking ."


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