nature conservancy council for scotlandの例文


  1. Part VII of the Act created three new organisations : the Nature Conservancy Council for England, the Nature Conservancy Council for Scotland, and the Countryside Council for Wales.
  2. In 1989 Lister-Kaye was appointed to the board of the Nature Conservancy Council, later the Nature Conservancy Council for Scotland ( 1990 ) and was appointed the first Regional chairman for the Highlands & Islands of Scotland for Scottish Natural Heritage in 1991.
  3. In May 1991, Tam Dalyell and his wife spent a day in the Caledonian Pinewoods of Mar Lodge Estate in the company of Balharry ( while senior warden of the Nature Conservancy Council for Scotland ), Adam Watson ( while at the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Banchory ), and Dave Morris of the Ramblers Association.


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