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  1. He is an active member of Rotary International and staunch conservationist, having been delegate to the Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales.
  2. After that he spent three years running the Nature Conservation Council of NSW and in 1999 he took up the job as Campaigns Director for the Australian Conservation Foundation.
  3. The Wildflower Society in Western Australia has been particularly diligent in liaising with government bodies in that state and the New South Wales body is a member of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW.
  4. In 2011, Moore won the Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales  Rising Star award for being the  most outstanding campaigner under the age of 30 for her role in the campaign to stop coal seam gas mining and other campaigns to protect the environment and water resources.
  5. In 2005 she was appointed executive director of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW . While heading up the Council, Faehrmann launched the Walk Against Warming initiative, an annual community call to action on tackling climate change, which drew crowds of tens of thousands in Sydney in other cities across Australia and the world.


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