nature conservationの例文


  1. called irdnc , integrated rural development and nature conservation .
    村の長であるジョシュア カンゴンベなど
  2. 595 kahara , maizuru city , kyoto prefecture 625-0014 (kongo-in temple kyoto prefectural historic nature conservation area )
    〒625-0014 京都府舞鶴市鹿原595(金剛院京都府歴史的自然環境保全地域)
  3. it was designated specific plant community under the environment agency ' s national survey on the natural environment in 1986 and was named green preservation zone under the nature conservation regulation in shiga prefecture in 1989 .
  4. although the level of recycling of resources does not reach the level of the edo period , when the bakufu encouraged recycling through human-wave tactics and the social system , tsukumogami or apparitions are the notion or the sense of values of nature conservation which japan should send to the world , as with " mottainai " (wasteful ) and " satoyama/chinju no mori " (outskirts of country/sacred shrine forest ).


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