neutron gunの例文


  1. Next comes the " Reflector / Neutron Gun Carriage ".
  2. The neutron guns are tilted so the neutron emitting end of each gun end is pointed towards the central axis of the bomb.
  3. Neutrons from each neutron gun pass through and are focused by the neutron focus lens towards the centre of primary in order to boost the initial fissioning of the plutonium.
  4. There are about six neutron guns ( seen here from Sandia National Laboratories ) each poking through the outer edge of the reflector with one end in each section; all are clamped to the carriage and arranged more or less evenly around the casing's circumference.
  5. They are labeled " end-cap and neutron focus lens, " " reflector / neutron gun carriage, " and " reflector wrap . " The origin of the drawing, posted on the internet by Greenpeace, is uncertain, and there is no accompanying explanation.


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