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  1. The story begins, noirishly enough, in a private investigator's office, with a bombshell hiring a hard-bitten detective to find her missing stepdaughter.
  2. When Amy announced in 2000 that she was moving to the Lower East Side, Mrs . Zimmer, who works as a guidance counselor, was concerned that the streets were noirishly desolate at night.
  3. His team of investigators includes the film-noirishly monikered Samantha Spade ( Poppy Montgomery ), Vivian Johnson ( Marianne Jean-Baptiste ), Danny Taylor ( Enrique Murciano ) and Martin Fitzgerald ( Eric Close ).
  4. The production and selection are impeccable, and the way overresearched liner notes are from Jim Beloff, author of " The Ukulele : A Visual History " and contributor of the noirishly cute " For the Love of Uke ."
  5. Shan's nut-shell version of his film-" 7 Welcome to London is a breathtaking, noirishly stylised and utterly ghoulish thriller crafted in a gritty manner that accentuates the film s edgy vision, but this stunning film has far more on its mind, exploding with multiple layers of meaning, tone and mood.


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