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  1. The concept of non - integrable phase factors in quantum mechanics is analysed in detail , which is different form integrble phase factors
  2. Quantization of the non - integrable ( chaotic ) systems of dcn vibration and henon - heiles potential were analyzed by the action integrals of periodic orbits
  3. When there is nonzero distance interaction , the classical is pseudointegrable , but the spectrum statistics transfer from poission distribution to goe distribution , that mean quantum system is non - integrable
  4. Later on , the approximate stationary solution of the system is obtained based on the combination of the stochastic averaging methods for quasi - integrable or quasi - non - integrable hamiltonian system and the least - square - method when the parameters of the system located between the two extreme cases
  5. First , the backward kolmogorov equation for the conditional reliability function and the pontryagin equation for mean first - passage time and then - associated boundary and initial conditions are derived based on the stochastic averaging methods for quasi non - integrable , quasi integrable and quasi partially integrable hamiltonian systems , respectively


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