norwegian spruceの例文


  1. Hybrids are commonly known as Norwegian spruce, which should not be confused with the pure species Norway spruce.
  2. Common tree types in this climatic region are Norwegian spruce, Scotch pine, larch, beach oak, and birch.
  3. Readers Sylvia Ostman of Tyngsborough and Jim Pieroni, who gave no address, advise us that Andover has lighted up a 95-foot Norwegian spruce, believed to be the nation's tallest Christmas tree.
  4. Also Friday, Pataki and his wife Libby attended the annual lighting of the tree, this year an 85-foot Norwegian spruce, at Rockefeller Center amid ice skaters, a choir and a skating Santa Claus.
  5. After speaking with several friends on the cell phone, the boys apparently drove an old Ford Bronco owned by Michael's father down winding Route 151, past their school, and aimed the speeding sport utility vehicle at a thick Norwegian spruce tree towering in front of the First Church of Christ.


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