1. Actually, " tan, " doesn't do justice to the muddy hue that is an Evans trademark . ( He confessed to The New York Observer that he assists it with a little " foundation . " ) The epitome of expensive casual, he wears a shirt open to the sternum, nubbled-silk trousers, and loafers with white socks : a piece of the Polo Lounge planted high atop the Upper East Side.
  2. Yet when Queenie approaches him at the checkout, Sammy notes that " with a prim look she lifts a folded dollar bill out of the hollow at the center of her nubbled pink top . . . . Really, I thought that was so cute . " He vacillates back and forth between these extremes of opinion during the story, calling some of his customers " houseslaves in pin curlers ", yet he is sensitive enough that when Lengel makes Queenie blush, he feels " scrunchy inside ".


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