oceanic biologyの例文


  1. A working group was founded in 1954 by Erich von Holst ( Max Planck Institute for Oceanic biology, Wilhelmshaven ) and Konrad Lorenz.
  2. The sensor was originally designed primarily for recording oceanic biology and water quality as well as land vegetation, clouds, and water vapor.
  3. The changes in oceanic biology and vertical mixing between winter and summer in the North Atlantic Gyre seasonally alter the total amount of carbon dioxide in the seawater.
  4. Sir Alister Hardy writes the following about Hjort : " He was one of the great leaders in oceanography whose names will live in the annals of that science [ . . . ] His fame will last both for the contributions he made to oceanic biology, especially in that classic " The Depths of the Ocean " which he published with Sir John Murray as a result of their North Atlantic expedition in 1910, and equally for his remarkable pioneer achievements in practical fisheries research.


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