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  1. Following this, McEntire apparently confessed of " crimes of the deepest dye ".
  2. Yellow Feather's " crimes " are actually not murder and pillage but indiscriminate hunting and irresponsible use of fire in the forest, but he is nonetheless a villain of the deepest dye, who has threatened to " have his way " with Mary.
  3. "The poor wretch now began to utter the most dreadful exclamations, and to accuse himself of the commission of crimes of the deepest dye, accompanied with such expressions of his despair of God s mercy, as are too terrible to repeat, " wrote Tench of McIntyre.
  4. Carfrey played third base for A . C . S . N . team in the indoor exhibition . " The Sporting Life " reported on the game as follows : " The game was to the players themselves, perhaps, very amusing, but it would take a crank of the deepest dye to see anything laudable in the game.
  5. On his deathbed, McEntire " began . . . to accuse himself of the commission of crimes of the deepest dye ", but " declared that he had never fired but once on a native, and then had not killed but severely wounded him in his own defence . " Tench wrote of this denial, " Notwithstanding his deathbed confession, most people doubted the truth of the relation, from his general character and other circumstances ."


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