1. And at Mittal Supermarket across the road, the only laundry soaps available are oilcakes-- Foaran, and other obscure brands.
  2. And while we can't be sure penicillin was the curative agent, traditional folk remedies used moldy bread, moldy oilcakes, and even warm soil to treat infections.
  3. "A unique feature of the past two seasons has been the fact that the movements in international prices of oilcakes and oilmeals have exhibited a tendency opposite to that observed for oils and fats, " says the FAO report.
  4. Thus, the fall in global output, coupled with the upward shift in the global demand for oilcakes and oilmeals, was the primary cause which triggered a substantial drawdown of stocks during the 1995-96 season and resulted in a sharp rise in prices of these commodities of about 38 % compared with 1994-95.


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