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  1. One side room was a marvel of trompe l'oile.
  2. By figuring out what caused mosquito larvae living in polluted Florida water to become ill, government scientists have isolated a virus lethal to the insects that spread Weqt ( Oile fever.
  3. Because Elway engineered the winning field-goal drive in the second round of the 1991 playoffs that pulled out a victory over Neil's favorite team, the Houston Oile rs.
  4. Am ridicat m頽a . i domnul a zis : Aa c頸ne 頽c n-am vzut . i-atunci c頸nele a venit cu oile i s-a uitat la mine [ atept頽d s vad ] ce-i mai spun.
  5. They be eaten boiled, with vineger, salt, and a little oile, after the manner of a sallad, and oftentimes they be fried in oile and butter, and also dressed after other fashions, according to the skil of the cooke, and the taste of the eater . ..


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