oiled canvasの例文


  1. The corrugated steel roof had worn through and covered with an oiled canvas that was no improvement after it wore out.
  2. He would start his painting by making a rough outline of the entire subject on a well-dried oiled canvas using a brush or charcoal, then applied the paint.
  3. The time taken for 12 men to erect the hangar at Thornaby, including levelling the ground, laying door tracks, erecting the steelwork, and fitting oiled canvas doors, was 500 man-hours.
  4. A cover can be almost any material that sheds water  a large piece of plywood, sheet metal, terracotta tiles, or an oiled canvas cloth, even cheap plastic sheeting may also be used.
  5. Basil, my husband, decked out in his brand new riding breeches and his oiled canvas hat, puts a wary hand on the muscular shoulder of the creature that will be his traveling partner for the next seven days . Longo's black muzzle snakes around to inspect the new client.


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