oiled leatherの例文


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  1. In person, Flatley makes an attempt to brush off the sex-symbol image, like so much dust on his well-oiled leather sleeve.
  2. The red, brown, and black tones develop naturally through handling and as the oiled leathers absorb the rays of the desert sun.
  3. It's about dad, mom, beer and the remembered feel of an oiled leather glove, a taped hockey stick, a vibrating steering wheel.
  4. These clothes included oiled leather and canvas suits, stuff gowns and leather and stuff breeches, shirts, jerkins, doublets, neckcloths, hats and caps, hose, stockings, belts, piece goods, and haberdasherie.
  5. Back seats crammed full of kids wearing baseball gloves on one hand and using the balled-up fist of the other hand to hammer out a fresh pocket inside the oiled leather.


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