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  1. 1702-1714 _ During the reign of Queen Anne, British umbrella-makers begin fashioning canopies of oiled silk, but these umbrellas stick badly.
  2. Before Dacron, Spectra, and Kevlar were available, high performance box kites used oiled silk, linen or hemp sails, and were flown with steel cable.
  3. The letters were first covered with oiled silk so they wouldn t be damaged by water or sweat and then placed into the " cantinas ", which were then locked.
  4. Meanwhile, Harvey Nichols advertised in " Vogue " " Especially designed gas protection costumes . . . in oiled silk and available in dawn apricot, amethyst, eau-de-nil and rose pink ".
  5. At the edge of the quarter, in " Vicolo degli ombrellari ", a small lane near Borgo Pio, were the shops of the Roman umbrella makers, gathered there because of the bad smell coming from the oiled silk.


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