on ground thatの例文


  1. Quite a few people , however , assert that he was a fictitious character created in the edo period on grounds that what is said about him sounds like a legend since there exist no reliable historical records .
  2. However , in may 1862 , demand from the imperial court to take punitive action against the followers of ii inside the edo shogunate led to the resignation of yoshiyori tayasu appointed to the post by ii , on grounds that iemochi had reached adulthood .
  3. They insisted on sending military to korea on ground that some scholars of kokugaku (the study of japanese classical literature ) and mito-gaku (the scholarship and academic traditions that arose in the mito domain ), and shoin yoshida said that ancient japan had hegemony over korean peninsula according to " kojiki " (the record of ancient matters ) and " nihon-shoki " (chronicles of japan ).


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