on his mettleの例文


  1. Italian Old Masters, real or feigned, saints in tabernacle frames, a polychrome Neo-Classical urn on the glazed bookcases and a marble bust of a rather subdued Medusa by the contemporary expatriate Harriet Hosmer _ all put the painter on his mettle.
  2. He had no significant record for reforming education and health care . " Bush suggested that Kerry would raise taxes to pay for his domestic programs and had so equivocated on the war in Iraq that Americans could not count on his mettle as commander in chief.
  3. Put on his mettle by this mortifying transaction, he produced the masterpiece of the " Madonna and Saints " for the Certosa of Pavia, now disassembled and scattered among museums : the only portion in the Certosa is " God the Father with cherubim ".


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