on his ninetieth birthdayの例文


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  1. On his ninetieth birthday in 1894, a large crowd gathered to celebrate him and his life's work.
  2. She finally made amends with her husband on his ninetieth birthday in 1887, but he soon died a year later.
  3. In 1960, on his ninetieth birthday, a commemorative park bench in Lafayette Park across from the White House was dedicated to him by the Boy Scouts.
  4. For instance, in 1946, the year after Charles Walton's murder, Fabian visited George Bernard Shaw on his ninetieth birthday and insisted on taking his fingerprints.
  5. On his ninetieth birthday in 1894, Governor Frank D . Jackson and the Iowa General Assembly gave Jones a public reception in recognition of his valuable services in the formative periods of the Territory and State.


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