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  1. The disc is the follow-up to 1997's critically acclaimed " One and One Is One ."
  2. In May 2009 Cherry Red also released, " One And One Is One  The Very Best Of Medicine Head ".
  3. In 1997 Sharma joined Asian Underground collective Joi, contributing electric guitar and bass on their 1999 album, One and One is One, released on Peter Gabriel's Real World Records.
  4. ""'One and One Is One " "'is the debut studio album by English dance music group Joi, released on 23 February 1999 by Real World Records.
  5. A Justin Robertson remix was popular on the club scene and paved the way for the follow-up, " Asian Vibes ", issued in 1999 . The debut album " One and One Is One " was released in March 1999.


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