1. this is done not on a one-off basis but on a continual basis .
  2. in the abolition of sotsuzoku , the hereditary sotsuzoku was incorporated into shizoku (the samurai class ), and the one-off generation of sotsuzoku into heimin (commoner ).
  3. eiseiroku was considered superior for its perpetuity , unlike other rewards such as shushinroku , which only lasted for a generation , nengenroku , which had a fixed period of grant , and a one-off payment , which was not a horoku (salary ).
  4. essential technological development stagnated at the c51/d50 level , and after that a certain degree of improvement of boiler pressure and partial improvement of the electric welding adoption , etc . were made , but most one-off introductions of essentially new technology failed because of a lack of consideration on the part of the development staff .
  5. because the jointly planned products like toys , compact discs or limited-edition models of the b train shorty from bandai are all one-off sale products , once they ' re sold out there is no reselling , so many railway fans living in kansai ask for the reselling of products with unlimited stock and pre-order sale . (there was a sale of the b train shorty that was modified to sell to the public from nankai electric railway co ., ltd . in november 2005 and september 2007 , from hankyu railway , keihan electric railway co ., ltd . and sanyo electric railway co ., ltd . from june to august 2007 , from osaka municipal transportation bureau in january 2008 and from kintetsu corporation/kintetsu railways in march 2008 ).


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