one-on-one fightの例文


  1. in the beginning , the swooping down otomo army successfully fought the enemy such that chikamasa defeated nagato sugi in a one-on-one fight -- on the other hand , since the ouchi army outnumbered the otomo army , it changed their battle formation to kakuyoku (crane ' s wing ), and encircled and attacked the otomo army , which resulted in a fierce and desperate battle .
  2. to the criticism that says yoshitsune won the battle by employing mean tactics , there are those who oppose to this criticism advocating that in the first place there were no established battle rules at that time (strictly speaking , " konjaku monogatari " (the tale of times now past ) and other documents confirm that some rules including the place of battle for one-on-one fight and collective battle was established in several cases , such as when warriors (samurai ) had a private reason or a problem concerning their territories or honor and both parties whished to solve the problems by themselves by way of a duel .


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