one-to-one marketingの例文


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  1. Design and realization of classification system of one - to - one marketing based on data mining
  2. One - to - one marketing , 4rs marketing and supply chain integration , supply a great deal of inspiration to the construction of model
  3. This one - to - one marketing becomes more important , because it forces service suppliers to offer the individual information to proper customers
  4. By executing one - to - one marketing , the tpl corporations can win the competitive advantage on productivity and value so that they become the market leaders which take advantage in the respects of cost and service quality
  5. Among the suggestions , the following two are emphasized : first , gradually promoting " one - to - one marketing " with the establishment and analysis of the customer database , and expanding customer relationship and customer value through customer relationship management to obtain unparalleled competitive advantages ; secondly , organizing the human resources from the marketing stand point by applying company ' s outside marketing means to its internal marketing , and improving the company employees " quality through the inside marketing


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