operational suitability testの例文


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  1. These findings were subsequently confirmed during " Project Hot Rod " operational suitability tests.
  2. The first of three YPs delivered to the Air Proving Ground Command at Eglin Field arrived in the first week of September for operational suitability tests.
  3. Ten members of the project team for the operational suitability tests completed familiarization and training courses at Lockheed's Marietta, Georgia plant in April 1956.
  4. The Air Force Operational Test Center was scheduled to conduct operational suitability tests on the F-102 with Lt . Col . Louis E . Andre as project officer.
  5. The first of four McDonnell F-101A Voodoos arrived at Eglin AFB on 25 October 1955 for operational suitability tests by the APGC's Air Force Operational Test Center, with the other three due within a few weeks.


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