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  1. It was also employed as an operational support aircraft worldwide and for missions from the former Agana, Guam during the Vietnam War.
  2. Additionally, C-21 operational support aircraft were assigned to the Wing on 1 April 1993, with the establishment of Detachment 1, 1st Operations Group.
  3. In October 1985 the unit received two CT-43As configured for passenger airlift, augmenting and expanding into a dual Operational Support Aircraft ( OSA ) supporting VIP missions.
  4. The U . S . Army's Operational Support Aircraft Command ( OSACOM ) Detachment 8 is permanently based at the airport, providing airlift support with C-12 Huron aircraft to Headquarters, Florida National Guard, to include colocated headquarters activities of the Florida Army National Guard and Florida Air National Guard.
  5. Nearly all of the C-131s left the active USAF inventory in the late 1970s, but the U . S . Coast Guard operated the aircraft until 1983, while the Air National Guard and U . S . Navy units operated additional C-131 airframes, primarily as Operational Support Aircraft ( OSA ) for Air National Guard flying wings and as naval air station " station aircraft " until 1990.


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