operational support airliftの例文


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  1. It provides operational support airlift for government officials.
  2. Additionally, General McKinley has been pilot in command in the C-131 Samaritan and C-130 Hercules Operational Support Airlift aircraft.
  3. JOSAC was stood up in July 1996 to efficiently schedule to Operational Support Airlift assets of the Air Force, Navy, Marines and Army.
  4. In 1992 Davison Aviation Command was reorganized as the Operational Support Airlift Command, with responsibilities for fixed-wing Army aircraft support throughout the United States.
  5. The squadron conducted airlifts of key Department of Defense personnel from April 1975 to March 1978, aeromedical airlifts from March 1978 to November 1991, and operational support airlifts since December 1991.


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