operational support serviceの例文


  1. The company also provides operational support services, design and build, solutions development and systems integration services.
  2. At S鴕landet Hospital Kristiansand are also numerous administrative and operational support services for the hospital trust.
  3. Gemini, which provides engineering and operational support services to the Air Force, the US Department of Transportation, and other federal agencies, also was founded in 1986.
  4. AAI's products and services include unmanned aircraft and ground control technologies; training and simulation systems; automated aerospace test and maintenance equipment; armament systems; and logistical, engineering, supply chain and operational support services, multi-turreted tracked ground combat vehicles.
  5. The "'Canadian Forces Military Police "'( CFMP ) contribute to the effectiveness and readiness of the Canadian Armed Forces ( CF ) and the Department of National Defence ( DND ) through the provision of professional police, security and operational support services worldwide.


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