operational systemの例文


  1. I can work on tissue degeneration if you could fry whatever operational system cho implanted .
    その事だが... ダメだ
  2. The yamatoji rapid service starting and terminal station is tennoji , with an operational system set to depart from tennoji (osaka loop line platform ) and run through kyobashi station (osaka prefecture ), osaka and bentencho station , then from tennoji (yamatoji line platform ), it runs to nara and kamo , makes a lap around the osaka loop line and then enters the yamatoji line .
    始発?終着駅は天王寺で、天王寺(環状線ホーム)から京橋駅 (大阪府)?大阪?弁天町駅を経由して天王寺(大和路線ホーム) - 奈良 - 加茂と、大阪環状線を一周し、大和路線へ入る運転系統となっている。


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