operational taxonomic unitsの例文


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  1. Two primary areas of concern are methods for clustering sequences into operational taxonomic units by sequence similarity, and quality control of sequence data.
  2. This'genome prediction'step produces a large table of bacterial types ( specifically operational taxonomic units or OTUs ) vs . gene family copy numbers.
  3. Sequences can be clustered according to their similarity to one another, and operational taxonomic units are defined based on the similarity threshold ( usually 97 % similarity ) set by the researcher.
  4. When applying PICRUSt to a 16S rRNA gene library, PICRUSt matches reference operational taxonomic units against the tables, and retrieves a predicted 16S rRNA copy number and gene copy number for each gene family.
  5. Alternatively high throughput sequencing,  tag sequencing, divides unique rRNA tag sequences into operational taxonomic units ( OTUs ) based upon similarities in mitochondrial-encoded cytochrome oxidases ( Sogin " et al . ", 2006 ).


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