operational technologyの例文


  1. APRICOT ( Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies ) are the prototypical examples of such of vibrant Network Operations groups.
  2. Keece H . Roelands, where he shares the latest operational technologies of growing high-value vegetables and plants with local farmers and Shell Foundation agri-scholars.
  3. HMC has operated turnkey paid membership loyalty programs and developed Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) systems and proprietary operational technologies for global hotel chains since 1988.
  4. DITU is part of the FBI's Operational Technology Division ( OTD ), which is responsible for all technical intelligence collection, and is located at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia, which is also the home of the FBI's training academy.
  5. 3rd Asia-Pacific Net ConfabIphil Communications Network, the country's fastest Corporate-only ISP, will boost the local Internet industry via Apricot'98 ( Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Operational Technologies ) forum, which will be held at the Shangri-La Hotel Manila on Feb . 16-20.


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