option bookの例文


  1. The errors that got Dodgson suspended came to light after the departure of Papious, who had worked on the interest rate options book, according to The Daily Telegraph.
  2. Not everyone at NatWest Markets is shaken by the investment bank's discovery of 90 million pounds ( $ 143 million ) in losses in its options book last month.
  3. Player's Option book " Heroes of the Feywild " is superb at doing that for Feywild characters, providing both storytelling details about these engaging character types as well as new mechanics designed to support stories that feature the Feywild.
  4. If you're just negotiating an options deal, you might enjoy a new book by David E . Gumpert, " Better Than Money : Build Your Fortune Using Stock Options and Other Equity Incentives _ In Up and Down Markets . " ( Why do all stock option books have brain-deadening names ?)


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