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  1. The year 1995 saw the creation of the Johnson School's first website, as well as the launch of its first 12-month option class.
  2. The Marjaree Mason Center offers a Legal Options class, a parenting class, and another known as S . A . F . E . Group.
  3. Citigroup said the purchase will give it " electronic and floor-based market-making capabilities in listed equity and fixed-income options . " Knight specializes in about 500 options classes, it said.
  4. The TSE declined an earlier proposal by the Montreal Exchange to have a mediator or arbitrator settle the price dispute The exchanges are allocated exclusive listings in option classes under a lottery system.
  5. Since then, the exchange has added more than 1, 000 stock option classes, options on 36 stock indexes, and on Oct . 6 began trading in options on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, a benchmark for U . S . stock markets.


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