oscillator potentialの例文


  1. Specifically, the harmonic oscillator potential is equal in both states.
  2. A system of vibrations in a crystalline solid lattice can be modelled by considering harmonic oscillator potentials along each degree of freedom.
  3. Hence, we can use a simple harmonic oscillator potential to test the accuracy of Wang Landau algorithm because we know already the analytic form of the density of states.
  4. Hence, the only potentials that can produce stable, closed, non-circular orbits are the inverse-square force law ( ? = 1 ) and the radial harmonic oscillator potential ( ? = 2 ).
  5. The ordering of angular momentum levels within each shell is according to the principles described above-due to spin-orbit interaction, with high angular momentum states having their energies shifted downwards due to the deformation of the potential ( i . e . moving from a harmonic oscillator potential to a more realistic one ).


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