oxygen measurementの例文


  1. Certification through the NBDHMT is required by some of Medicare's regional intermediaries to be reimbursable for transcutaneous oxygen measurement.
  2. The contribution of the LituanicaSAT-2 is to accomplish the molecular Oxygen measurements Flux-?-Probe Experiment ( FIPEX ).
  3. The correct amount of oxygen requires three types of measurement : first, active control of air and fuel flow; second, offgas oxygen measurement; and third, measurement of offgas combustibles.
  4. In marine biology or limnology, oxygen measurements are usually done in order to measure respiration of a community or an organism, but have also been used to measure primary production of algae.
  5. Millikan's wartime work outlined three basic problems of oximetry : absence of suitable theory, inability to differentiate between blood and other tissues in the path of light, and inability to differentiate between arterial, venous and capillary blood, of which only arterial blood was relevant to oxygen measurement.


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