oxygen monitoringの例文


  1. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics from hyperbaric chamber operations to transcutaneous oxygen monitoring.
  2. Oxygen monitoring is generally an optional facility on a SCR, but may be part of real time decompression calculations.
  3. Most screening tools consist of an airflow measuring device ( thermistor ) and a blood oxygen monitoring device ( pulse oximeter ).
  4. Ventilation Air Methane Thermal Oxidizers can be designed with hot gas bypass systems, re-circulation heat exchangers that convert heat into energy, and oxygen monitoring to reduce any possible carbon monoxide and / or nitrous oxide production.
  5. "Nellcor's world leadership positions in oxygen monitoring, critical care ventilation and other respiratory products combine with Mallinckrodt's world leadership positions in airway management disposables and other critical care products to form by far the largest organization in this field of medicine, " he said.


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