parthenogenetic embryoの例文


  1. So the fact that parthenogenetic embryos cannot go to term might have no relevance, in his view.
  2. He said it was possible that by the same reasoning a parthenogenetic embryo might be deemed not human.
  3. Unlike the embryos created from oocyte and sperm, parthenogenetic embryos do not go to term if placed in the womb, to judge by experiments on mice and other animals.
  4. Dr . Kevin Fitzgerald, a Jesuit priest and a geneticist who teaches at Georgetown University, said it was possible that parthenogenetic embryos could be considered as not human by analogy with an unusual but natural complication of pregnancy known as hydatiform moles.
  5. They are usually formed from an embryo in which the oocyte's chromosomes are lost and the sperm's double up, leaving the embryo with two sets of male-imprinted chromosomes, the exact opposite of the parthenogenetic embryo with two sets of female imprinted chromosomes.


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