1. Some lizard parthenogens show a pattern of geographic parthenogenesis, occupying high mountain areas where their ancestral forms have an inferior competition ability.
  2. Females can produce viable offspring with or without genetic contribution from a male, and such an ability may, just like true parthenogens, enable colonization of new habitats by single female animals.
  3. Of particular note is the revelation that the male-typical sexual behaviors which parthenogenetic females display turn out to be under the control of the postovulatory surge of progesterone rather than androgen, which the parthenogens do not produce.
  4. Loss of sexual reproduction can be inherited in a simple Mendelian fashion in the monogonont rotifer " Brachionus calyciflorus " : This species can normally switch between sexual and asexual reproduction ( cyclical parthenogenesis ), but occasionally gives rise to purely asexual lineages ( obligate parthenogens ).


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