pcp intoxicationの例文


  1. He showed symptoms of PCP intoxication, Lt . Darrell Cummings said.
  2. According to police, King displayed symptoms of PCP intoxication.
  3. PCP intoxication can be fatal, and both it and amphetamine psychosis can leave permanent mental scars, said Frank Vocci, head of medications development for the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Alcoholism.
  4. He had been convicted of murder and aggravated mayhem the previous June after pleading PCP intoxication can not be used as grounds for an insanity plea in California, and the judge granted it.
  5. PCP, like ketamine, also acts as a D 2 receptor partial agonist in rat brain homogenate This activity may be associated with some of the other more psychotic features of PCP intoxication, which is evidenced by the successful use of D2 receptor antagonists ( such as haloperidol ) in the treatment of PCP psychosis.


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