pcr (polymerase chain reaction)の例文


  1. Pcr ( polymerase chain reaction ) , southern blot analysis performed toward 10 transgenic rice plants revealed that foreign genes were integrated into the genome of these plants
  2. In this work , some species of palmae cultivated in the xiamen botanical garden had been selected to be analyzed their genetic diversity with rapd ( random amplified polymorphic dna ) technique . according to the result of genomic dna amplified with pcr ( polymerase chain reaction ) , genetic distance and similarity between different palm species were calculated on nei " s estimate of similarity and genetic distance . a primary but first time research at the phylogenetic relationships of some genera and species , the molecular classification and identification of some puzzling species of palmae was carried out through upgma ( unweighted pair group mean average ) cluster analysis of the genetic distance together with comparative study of the morphological structure characteristics


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