pcr primerの例文


  1. PCR primer design, dedicated software exist for the purpose.
  2. A key activity for Bio-Synthesis was to synthesize large number of PCR primer thus assisting and solidifying the early adoption of this now common and crucial process in biology.
  3. A PCR primer binding site is a site where a polymerase chain reaction ( PCR ) primer binds, to prime duplication of a complement to an existing DNA or RNA sequence.
  4. The " Sequences " data type is not a full list of either genomic, transcript or protein sequences, but rather mostly contains PCR primer sequences which define simple sequence length polymorphism ( SSLP ) and expressed sequence tag ( EST ) Markers.
  5. The program is a comprehensive real time PCR primer and probe search and analysis tool, and also does other tasks such as siRNA and molecular beacon searches, open reading frame and restriction enzyme analysis etc . It has been created and maintained by Wojciech Rychlik and Piotr Rychlik.


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