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  1. Gories said, referring to Abi, the son of Yapto Suryosumarno, one of the leaders of Pemuda Pancasila.
  2. Students beefed up security following rumors that a Golkar-affiliated youth organization Pemuda Pancasila was going to attack them Wednesday.
  3. Today, Anwar is revered as the right wing of a paramilitary organization, Pemuda Pancasila, that grew out of the death squads.
  4. Yorris, who is also an executive of the Golkar-affiliated Pemuda Pancasila youth organization, was detained at the Kiss Me entertainment center on Jl.
  5. SERANG, West Java : Pemuda Pancasila activists called on intellectuals to join forces and help dispel its image of an organization of thugs, Antara reported yesterday.


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