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  1. Pen Hadow, 41, was picked up Tuesday after becoming stranded on a drifting ice floe near the North Pole with rations running low.
  2. Pen Hadow, 41, was picked up after the plane landed on a makeshift runway he had marked out on the floating ice using plastic bags.
  3. Composed of Pen Hadow, Ann Daniels, Martin Hartley and Charlie Paton, the team sought to collect data and photographs on the effect of CO2 on the Arctic Ocean.
  4. The third Prince s Mayday Summit attracted over 1700 delegates, with another 300 watching it live online and included contributions from Pen Hadow, Ed Miliband, John Ashton and Stuart Rose.
  5. Pen Hadow, 41, had been drifting in a tent on an ice floe with his rations running low and no direct communication with his base team after completing his trek May 19.


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