pending trayの例文


  1. He has promised repeatedly to push on with Turkey's application to join the EU, which for years the EU has kept in the pending tray.
  2. But back at the snail ranch, Richard Fullington, Ph . D ., sometime-consultant to the State of Texas on snail-related matters, was examining his European brown garden snails stacked in patent-pending trays.
  3. The 511-million-pound ( dlrs 853 million ) structure near St . Pancras station was originally supposed to open a decade ago, and the queen remarked that the opening had been in the royal pending tray " rather longer than most ."
  4. Huxley's famous response to the idea of natural selection was " How extremely stupid not to have thought of that ! " However, the correctness of natural selection as the main mechanism for evolution was to lie permanently in Huxley's mental pending tray.


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