pendle expressの例文


  1. In 2003 the " Pendle Express " had approximately 39000 readers incorporated with the Tuesday edition of the " Burnley Express ".
  2. The " "'Pendle Express " "'is a weekly newspaper published every Tuesday for readers in the borough of Pendle, east Lancashire, England.
  3. Other sister newspapers are the " Burnley Express ", published every Tuesday and Friday, " Padiham Express ", published every Tuesday and Friday, " Clitheroe Advertiser and Times ", published every Thursday and the " Pendle Express ", published every Tuesday.
  4. A local newspaper, the Colne Times, a variant edition of the larger Burnley Express, is published on Fridays . A second midweek edition, the Pendle Express, aimed at both Colne and neighbouring Nelson, is published on Tuesdays . The town is also served by the Lancashire Telegraph, which publishes a Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale edition six days a week and by a weekly freesheet, the'Pendle Citizen', which appears on Thursdays.


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