pendleside seriesの例文


  1. It is clear that the exact relationship which the Yoredale series of the type area bears as a whole to the lower Carboniferous rocks of the Midlands, north and south Wales, etc ., on the one hand, and to the Pendleside series on the other, has yet to be established on a firm palaeontological basis.
  2. On Ingleborough the limestone is not very fossiliferous, but the Main Limestone contains small corals of a zaphrentoid type and an upper Visean fauna . " Posidonomya Becheri " occurs fairly low down in the series in the Shale above the Hardraw Scar and Gayle limestones, but it is not accompanied by any of the goniatites or other cephalopods and lamellibranchs which characterize the " Posidonomya Becheri " beds of the Pendleside Series, the faunas of the Yoredale and Pendleside phases being very distinct.


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