performance medicineの例文


  1. Performance medicine differs fundamentally from other areas of medicine by focusing on the healthy non-injured individual that is at low risk of sub-clinical or clinical disease.
  2. Currently, Lacz works as a physician assistant in northwest Florida and southeastern Alabama, where he is co-owner of Regenesis, a lifestyle and performance medicine medical practice.
  3. In addition team physicians working in elite sports often play a role in performance medicine, whereby an athletes'physiology is monitored, and aberrations corrected, in order to achieve peak physical performance.
  4. Performance medicine physicians aim to measure physiological and biochemical performance over time and to modify exposure to environmental factors in such a way that an individuals health is optimised by operating at the " sweet spot " on their J-curve where both performance and longevity are maximimised . ( see J-curve illustration for further explanation ).


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