period of guaranteeの例文


  1. Although there are differences between the period of guarantee and the limitation of time on the adpromissiones , they link up with each other on time
  2. Period of guarantee is the period within which the creditors perform the of ciaim towards the pricipal debtor ( general guarantee ) or ( joint guarantee )
  3. In terms of normal and past routine , free repair within the period of guarantee of equipment should be calculated from the date of acceptance check not the date of shipment
  4. Article 15 in case the product sold by the marketing firm is found not up to the conditions stipulated in article 2 within the period of guarantee , the marketing firm shall be responsible for guaranteed repairing , replacement , taking back the product and refunding , and undertaking the responsibility of compensating for the actual economic loss
  5. 2 in any event , the buyer loses the right to rely on a lack of conformity of the goods if he does not give the seller notice thereof at the latest within a period of two years from the date on which the goods were actually handed over to the buyer , unless this time - limit is inconsistent with a contractual period of guarantee . article 40


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