photoelectric detectionの例文


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  1. Design of amplifier circuit of photoelectric detection for weak signal
  2. The paper introduces a practical single - chip synchrocontroller by photoelectric drop ring , expounds photoelectric detection , designs and tests of the controller hardware and software
  3. In the course of experiment , we design and set up a microlens test system , which includes several main parts , such as photoelectric detection , signal enlarging , data gathering and analyzing and image processing , etc
  4. In view of the problem of signal - to - noise and stability of circuit of photoelectric detection for weak signal , a low - noise amplifier circuit of photoelectric detection is designed , with the functions of filter and phase compensation
  5. The usb acquisition card we developed combined these two excellences . it can be used wildly in the photoelectric detection system . the cell function analyzer based on these elements has a wildly application foreground in detection of the cell luminescence and some correlated clinical assay


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