photoelectric trackingの例文


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  1. The image object measuring system is a part of photoelectric tracking system on scout . it discussed about the real - time image object tracking dsp ( digital signal process ) system , which is high - speed , intelligent and programmable
  2. According to transfer process of target information under shipboard condition , the factors that have effect on performance of photoelectric tracking system are analyzed , and the main error sources are presented
  3. The principle of realtime trajectory correcting single detector compound axis control in photoelectric tracking system was introduced through comparison between this method and common single detector compound axis control track method
  4. It adopt plc programmable controller , photoelectric tracking system , touch - sensitive screen man - machine interface , glueeding , cradboard shaping stick to four side , oriented jointing , fetch automatically moving the box forward , winding side roll over , overall automation , compared with tradition hand made production efficiency improves by 50 times
  5. Tv photoelectric theodolites made up of optics , machine , electron and computer is a complex tracking and measuring instrument . tv photoelectric theodolites used in especial proving ground is a new kind of photoelectric tracking and measuring instrument . tracking precision is a main parameter


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