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  1. Finally, there a subtle but important transition in how the various physical connectivity requirements-the actual interfaces-are delivered.
  2. Today, Lumeta and many organizations such as CAIDA ( The Cooperatave Association for Internet Data Analysis ) continue internet mapping, which is the study of the physical connectivity of the Internet.
  3. He visualised providing four elements of connectivity : physical connectivity, electronic connectivity, knowledge connectivity leading to economic connectivity of rural areas and where there would be a lesser urban-rural divide.
  4. Physical connectivity between devices was historically provided by dedicated optical fiber, ethernet, ARCNET, RS-232, LTE and IEEE 802.11n and IEEE 802.11ac and often integrate these using the building-specific wireless mesh open standard ZigBee ).
  5. On December 18, 2013, the four nations drew up a long discussed plan, emphasising the need to quickly improve physical connectivity in the region, over two days of talks in the south-western Chinese city of Kunming the provincial capital of Yunnan, which borders Myanmar on Wednesday and Thursday.


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